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Must read: I literally had tears when I finished reading this



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My mother waited
My mother in law waited
My sister my wife are also waiting
I know the bliss in the eyes of my mother when she saw Ayyappa
I took her to Sabarimala when she was 50

First they said – Smokeless Diwali and banned Firecrackers
Then they said Ganesh pandals are noisy and polluting
Then they came up with fake sperm ballon on Holi and later said Water less Holi
During Dussehra they say don’t burn Ravan as he is Dalit
While fact is Ravan was son of a saint Vishrava and grand son of Pulatsya (he was son of Brahma)
They destroyed Shani singanapur temple
Then they said Lingayats are not Hindus and are a Separate religion
Still nothing happened
Hindus kept accepting everything grudgingly saying we respect constitution, rule of law blah blah blah
Then came #Sabarimala
But in Ayyappa they took a wrong God

Many people in India don’t know the reverence Ayyappa holds in the hearts of his Bhakts
He is one of the most reverred God in Indian pantheon
Otherwise no one can do 41 days Ayyappa Deeksha and then walk to temple climb the hill and have his Darshan
It is perhaps the toughest penance one can undertake in any religion in any part of the world

Not just the man but whole family is involved in the Deeksha
I know the pride reverence and Bhakti in my mothers eyes when she used to send me and my brother to Sabarimala
It is just impossible to describe in words

Mothers sisters wives everyone are part of the Deeksha as it takes whole family to enable a man to do the Deeksha
Since the Deeksha needs man to avoid sex and adopt brahmacharya
Wives have to accept it and let their husband go out of home and stay in a temple or with other Ayyappa Bhakts for 41 days

Do you know Ayyappa Bhakts even call their mother children and wife as SWAMY ?
For 41 days everyone is a SWAMY for his Bhakts

Many people walk thousands of kilometres to go to Sabarimala
They don’t even take a bus or car
You don’t even wear shoes
You walk bare foot

Women are not discriminated in Ayyappa Deeksha
They are celebrated
Who doesn’t want their son or brother or Husband to quit smoking boozing gambling screwing and inculcate discipline in life ?
Can any self development course make a man do it ?
Can any rehab clinic Make a man do it ?
Only Ayyappa can inspire men to do it
Hence women rever Ayyappa and wait for 40 years to see him

Why do people do such hard things ?
It is the utmost faith and sort of penance
And if some God can command such reverence
Imagine the pain and anguish it causes in the hearts of devotees when some one destroys it with a sign of paper

And imagine the pain when your own Govt connives with vested interests and conspires to destroy the sanctity of the temple

Yes what was the need for govt to support a Mary or a Libi or a Pyaarijaan to go to Sabarimala just to prove a point ?
Do these ladies have anything to do with Ayyappa or his Bhakti ?

If hindu women were really so oppressed and angry about men not letting them into temple
They would come in thousands and lakhs to Sabarimala after the judgment
Did a single devotee come ? no

Do you know Ayyappa is just a 12 yr old boy
Hence women love him as son and he considers women as his mother

Will mother and son hate or discriminate each other ?

They will not come as they know Ayyappa Deeksha is not about women discrimination or mensturation or any such worldly thing
It is penance and spiritual journey for men
Hindu women have many such Deeksha and Pujas exclusively for females
Hence they don’t feel discriminated

Yes they came in lakhs to protest on streets
But they came to save Sabarimala
As they love Ayyappa
Who will love a God who discriminates you
Have you ever seen Hindu women fighting for any thing ?

If some hindu women or men still feel it is about mensturation taboos or discrimination
It means they don’t know about Sabarimala

Santana Dharma is all about pluralism and acceptance
Hence each Temple pilgrimage God have different rules and regulations
It is not one God One Book One fit for all religion
That is the beauty of Santana Dharma
How can you kill its soul ?
If Hinduism also become monolithic like Abrahamnic religions
There will be no hindu religion left

Our constitution guarentees Right to practice and propagate religion
Hinduism doesn’t believe in conversion
Still they never objected when constitution gave those rights to Islam and Christianity to proselytise
They never objected as both the religions have conversion as their core belief

Same way Hinduism must have right to follow their ritual and temple rules
It is their core Belief

If you ask Hindus to become like one book religion
Then what if Hindus say don’t convert people ?

Let us abolish the right to religion
And tell everyone to follow only secular constitution

So any Muslim women can enter mosque and pray
Any Nun can become Bishop and no one can convert any hindu

How does this sound ???


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